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Benefactors 2009

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Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 or more): California Arts Council, Artists in Schools Program, Open Circle Foundation, Sherman Elementary School PTA

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): Matt Boris and Greg Paxton, Julie Cowley (111 Minna Street Fundraiser), Caroline and Tony Grant, Jeffrey Grubler (The Riptide Fundraiser), Brett Lamb and Kim Holt (Fleet Feet Sports on Chestnut Street), Macy’s G.I.F.T. Campaign, Bonnie Milstein, Northwest Community Convener Family Action Grant – Richmond District Neighborhood Center, Kevin Quan (concieved and organized Art Run Fun Run Fundraiser), Sustainable Arts Foundation, Keith Van Bueren (organized Macy’s West Community Shopping Day ArtSeed event)

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Energy 92.7FM Spotlight Award, Alice Huang, Samuel and Gail Losh, Perforce Foundation, Kevin Quan, Unitarian Universalist Society and The Hinkley Fund

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Anonymous, Art Exchange Inc, Joan Barnes, Joe Boissy, Linda and Matthew Bookman, Wendy and Jerry Boriskin, Vincent Buccola, Lauren Clark, Patti Noel Deuter, Domus Development LLC, Dr. Ronald B. Elkin, Rita and Richard Felciano, GAP Foundation – Money for Time Program, Jeffrey M. Gillenkirk, Georg A. Gottschalk, Nicole Holmes, Sally and Karl Hufbauer, Katheen Huston, IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign, Jane Ivory and Jim Newman, Tanya Joyce, Kristin Kildall, Mary Agnes and Asok Kumar, Judy and Alexander Lim, Donna Logan, Rebecca and Sergio Maggi, Mark A. Mancini, Elaine and Benjamin Mann, Ava and Yitschak Miedzinski, Joan Nelson, Jim Newman and Jane Ivory Newman, Catherine and Dennis O’Leary, Luned Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Janna and Andrew Parsons, Walter & Pilar Rubin, Lindsey and Charles Shere, Terzian Family and The Point at Hunters Point Shipyard, Julie Tsai, Heather and Arwen Vaughan, Josefa Vaughan and Charles Boone, Marcy and John Vaughan, Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program, Ann Wagner, Idell and Otto Weiss, Jeff Wright

Amazing Acorns ($99 or less): Megan Acevedo, All American Merchant Financial Services, David Anderson, Carolyn and Barry Andre, Roxana Bahar, Kimberly and Philip Bahn, Charles Ball, Miriam & Adam Ballin, Belen Patricia Barrera, Adrian and Donald Becker, Joselin Benson, Dale M. Butler, Ian Campos, Amy Capen and Jenifer McKitrick, Lee Chatametikool, Jennie Chen, Susan Chiddix, Lucky Choi and Clifton Albergotti, Linda Conner, Yael Dahn, Bruce Charles De Martini, Laura Domash, Wendy Dryden, Alexander Duncan, Brett Engard, Derek Engard, Lloydine Enmark, Dr. Anne Fung, Andrew Funk, Raymond Galang, Michelle Gale, Lori and Michael Greengard, Paul Harris, Kiley Hertel, Carrie Howard-Jones, Christopher Hsu, Leslie Hu, Cary Huang and Wen Ding Karen Liang, Sebastian Indacochea, Frances & Roy Johns, Kathleen Johnson, Nancy Adams Johnson, Melanie K. Kaaihue, Cecilia A. Kaufman, Julie Kirsner, Richard and Katherine Klein, Cathy H. Kohatsu, Mary Agnes and Asok Kumar, Marissa Kunz and Peter Mann, Bryan Lantz, Pawel Jacek Lasiecki, John Lawler, Chia-Pei Lee & Eric Tseng, Donna Logan, Lynette Logan, Allison Loh, Dr. Allison M. Mahoney, Karen and Andrew March, Katherine L. McDonough, Priscilla Merle, Scott Mignolia, Amy Moglen and Mark Saxon, Brian Moore & Edge Productions, Elisabeth Navone, Nelly Palmer, Rosamund Palmer, Friederike Resche, Eli Ridgeway, Justin Rivard, Nina Rivera, Peder Roberts, Rebecca Rothfusz and David Macy, Benjamin Saller, Marilyn and Gerald Schuster, Betsy C. Shafer, Nicholas John Shilling, Jennifer and Jim Steichen, Ross Stewart, Min Suh, Chiradaporn Supaporn, Susan and Glynis Takalo, Dean Tyler, Dr. Lory Wiviott, Monica Wong, Stephanie Wong, Joseph Yeh

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For Art: Raymond Galang. For Diana Banh: Paul Harris, Min Suh, Christopher Hsu, Cathy H. Kohatsu, Joseph Yeh, Michelle Gale, Kimberly and Philip Bahn. For Meegan Barnes: Dale M. Butler, Amy Moglen and Mark Saxon, Julie Kirsner, Pawel Jacek Lasiecki, Megan Acevedo, Kiley Hertel, Yael Dahn, Lori and Michael Greengard, Belen Patricia Barrera. For Judith Black: Dean Tyler, Katheen Huston, Ann Wagner. For Matthew Boris: Julie Tsai. For Alan Coleman: Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program. For Lucas Gillenkirk: Mark A. Mancini, Jeffrey M. Gillenkirk. For Tristan Grant: Elisabeth Navone. For Georg Gottschalk: IBM. For Kathleen Johnson: Ann Wagner, Nancy Adams Johnson. For Marrisa Keeny: Marilyn and Gerald Schuster. For Allison Kraus: Wendy Dryden. For Marissa Kunz: Chia-pei Lee and Eric Tseng, Richard and Katherine Klein, Janna and Andrew Parsons, Ross Stewart, Lee Chatametikool, Andrew Funk, Chiradaporn Supaporn, Anonymous, Allison Loh, Dr. Allison M. Mahoney, Melanie K. Kaaihue, Cecilia A. Kaufman, Elisabeth Navone, Joselin Benson, Ian Campos, Scott Mignolia, Jennie Chen, Linda and Matthew Bookman, Luned Palmer, Betsy C. Shafer, Amy Capen and Jenifer McKitrick. For Peter Mann: Alexander Duncan, Janna and Andrew Parsons, Peder Roberts, Lauren Clark, Vincent Buccola, Katherine L. McDonough. For Meegan Barnes: Adrian and Donald Becker, Belen Patricia Barrera, Kiley Hertel, Yael Dahn, Lori and Michael Greengard, Megan Acevedo. For Lynne O’Neil: Kathleen Johnson. For Nita Owens, Smash Hit Productions: Anonymous. For Luned Palmer: Benjamin Saller, Nelly Palmer, Rosamund Palmer, Bryan Lantz, Sebastian Indacochea, Marissa Kunz and Peter Mann, Derek Engard. For Hamish Reid: Perforce Foundation. For Victoria Scott and Scott Kildall: Kristin Kildall. For Steven William Smith: Tanya Joyce. For The Tuva Trader: All American Merchant Financial Services). For Chris Treggiari: Domus Development, LLC. For Josefa Vaughan: Carrie Howard-Jones, Lloydine Enmark, Fran and Bud Johns, Dr. Lory Wiviott, Art Exchange Inc, Miriam & Adam Ballin.

ArtSeed Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: Adidas, Astro Design Studio, Charles Boone, Matt Boris and Greg Paxton, Richard Cheung, Citizen’s Initiative, Conbrio, Chris Ekman, Steve Funk, Yolanda Garcia, Patricia Giusto, Geri Gmahling, Marc Ellen Hamel, James Bo Joves, Carol Kimball, Lauren Korshak, Danielle Madeira and Another Planet Entertainment, James Mitchell and Las Olas Surfboards, Sirron Norris, Earl Glen Novey and Casa Delfin Sonriente in Troncones – Mexico, OTIS, Luned Palmer, Savoir-Faire, San Francisco Cinemateque, Stefana Serafina and Ecstatic Hoop Dance, The Photograph Store, TodayOkay, Tod Brozman, Chris Treggiari, Katie Vater, Heather and Arwen Vaughan, Jessica Watson, Bill Webb, Zeum