Benefactors 2019

Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

**Please note: some donations are still being processed and will be added as soon as possible.**

Precious Pines ($20,000 or more):

Celestial Cedars ($10,000 to $19,999): Peaceful World Foundation

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 to $9,999):

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): Anonymous, Tina Cervin, Tony & Caroline Grant, Malcolm McAfee, Kevin Quan & Whitney Huang, Josefa Vaughan & Charles Boone

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Matthew Boriskin & Greg Paxton

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Anonymous, Edna Arterberry, Clara Basile, John Burke, Chris Chisnall, Thomas F. Coman Jr., Susan Commins, Assia Eyuboglu, Candace Forest, Raj-Ann Gill, Magda V. Grant, Sabine Gysens, Nicole Halbreiner, Bridget Hoffman, George Horng, Rose & Gabe Ireland, John King, Philip & Sally Kipper, William Klingelhoffer, Karl & Margie Kohn, Jeff Le, Samuel Losh, Wallace Mersereau, Martin Mordaunt, Samantha Razook Murphy, Rosamund Palmer, Thomas Palmer, William Palmer, Joan Platt, Bekki Sadler, Dawn Schricke, SF Montessori Academy, Ritu Sharma, Saarika Sharma, Sherri Dee Levine Smith, Thomas Smith, Bette Spencer, Jennifer Spencer, Margaret Stark-Roberts, Adrianne Steichenr, Anita Stokes, Margaret Sullivan, Leslie Terzian: The Point, Thad Van Bueren, Kathryn VanDyke, Arwen & Heather Vaughan, Mary & George Vaughan, Michael & Julie Whitcomb

Amazing Acorns ($99 or less): Dennis Abbe, Dr. Dipti Agrawal, Amazon Smile, J. Leigh Ammar, Anonymous, Natalie Artemyeff, Marilyn Bancel, Deepa Bangalore, Gerhard Bedding, John Beech, Gino Paolo Bella, William “Bill” Bicknell, Ron Burlick, Nick Busalacchi, Julián Carrillo, Lara Charneco, Sophia Chavez, Elizabeth Chien, Beth Cohen, Beth Cook, Christine & Trevor Curry, Dennis Dimus, Cherie Evans, Maria Ferrate, EJ Foster, Erin Gallup, Noah Gavrich, Amy Gibbons, Dan Gibbons, Madelyn Gibbons, Rachelle Gibbons, Shannon Gibbons, Narda Gillespie, Isabella Gomez, Holly Gosselink, Sasha Grant, Claudia Grubler, Marc Ellen Hamel, Deanna Hammond, Mike Hammond, Jason Haskins, Elaine Hausman, Sanjay Hortikar, Tycho Horan, Trey & Chizu Houston, Deborah Jacobstein, Wennie Ji & Aimee Mao, Josette Juan, Manhal Jweinat, Gwenda Joyce, Chelsea Kania, Natasha Kanhai, Simone Kennedy, Gabriella Kula, Carol Law, Selina Lee, John Liang, Mark & Julie Lonergan, Leslie Anne Lopez, Justine Lucas, Richard Ly & Pamela Lim, Pascale Macleod, Barbara Maricle, Gaurav Marwaha, Marilyn Masen, Robert Merck, Andrew Michael, Craig Miller, Judith Modrak, Chris Moffat, Eva Monroe, Jacob Monroe, Shannon Murphy, Tim & Monchaya Murphy, Linh Nguyen, Hugh Nicklason, Annelie Nilsson, NVIDIA, Thomas O’Leary, Michael O’Reilly, Robert Odell, Sarah Palmer, Sarah Pater, Supriya Perry, Misty Potter, Benita Purifoy, Tiana Pyer-Pereira, Joseph Ragan, Pornpot “Pod” Rodkroh, Michael Rokeach, Jessica Rolls, Elizabeth Rothwell, Nan Rothwell, Laura Sandlin, John Scheib, Heather Schoell, Andrew Schwartz, Sean Selbach, Jing Shang, Shivani Shimpi, John Sand Siffert, Anita Smith Christopher, Eric Smith, Cynthia & William Stevens, Ute Stohne, Yueing Sui, Anna Sylvester, Astrid Tallase, Richard Tirtoprodjo, Marsha Torkelson, Patrick Torres, Lan Anh Tran, Velvet Van Bueren, Sarah Villa & Michael Lockwood, Maysoun Villagracia, Heather Vučetin, Cynthia Wang, Fiona Westphal, Heather Wilson, Karsten Windt, Jill Winegardner, Rachael Wyant, Tao Xu

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For Sophia Bayson: Josefa Vaughan; For Louisse and Olivia Bella: Gino Paolo Bella, Josefa Vaughan; For William “Bill” Bicknell: Josefa Vaughan; For Julián Carrillo: Josefa Vaughan; For Bella Chen: Josefa Vaughan; For Delaney Gibbons: Sophia Chavez, Thomas F. Coman Jr., Amy Gibbons, Dan Gibbons, Madelyn Gibbons, Rachelle Gibbons, Shannon Gibbons, Isabella Gomez, Jason Haskins, Hugh Nicklason, Michael O’Reilly, Joseph Ragan, Sean Selbach; For Andrea, Bailey, & Frankie Drenik: Amy Drenik; In Honor of Amanda & Ben Gross’ Nuptials: Sherri Dee Levine Smith; For Sabine Gysens: Dennis Abbe, J. Leigh Ammar, William “Bill” Bicknell, Matthew Boriskin, Lara Charneco, Elizabeth Chien, Susan Commins, Beth Cook, Christine Curry, Cherie Evans, Assia Eyuboglu, Candace Forest, Erin Gallup, Raj-Ann Gill, Sanjay Hortikar, John King, Philip Kipper, Gaurav Marwaha, Judith Modrak, Eva Monroe, Martin Mordaunt, Annelie Nilsson, Thomas O’Leary, Supriya Perry, Dawn Schricke, Andrew Schwartz, Ritu Sharma, Saarika Sharma, Adrianne Steichen, Ute Stohner, Richard Tirtoprodjo, Lan Anh Tran, Josefa Vaughan, Cynthia Wang, Fiona Westphal, Heather Wilson, Karsten Windt, Jill Winegardner; For John Hammond: Josefa Vaughan; For Sarah Hoffman: Josefa Vaughan; For Aimee Ji: Wennie Ji; For Malcolm McAfee: Josefa Vaughan; For Luned Palmer: Natalie Artemyeff, Matthew Boriskin, Beth Cohen, Holly Gosselink, Sasha Grant, Nicole Halbreiner, Simone Kennedy, Gabriella Kula, Justine Lucas, Samantha Razook Murphy, Shannon Murphy, Rosamund Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Thomas Palmer, William Palmer, Sarah Pater, Joan Platt, Tiana Pyer-Pereira, Jessica Rolls, Elizabeth Rothwell, Nan Rothwell, John Sand Siffert, Thomas Smith, Patrick Torres, Josefa Vaughan, Rachael Wyant; For Paola Perez: Josefa Vaughan; For Anguo Ping: Josefa Vaughan; For Bojana Rankovic: Josefa Vaughan; For Pornpot “Pod” Rodkroh: Josefa Vaughan; For Daniel Sadler: Chris Chisnall, Bekki Sadler, Jennifer Spencer, Josefa Vaughan; For John Scheib: Josefa Vaughan; For Shivani Shimpi: Josefa Vaughan; For Edward Smalarz: Josefa Vaughan; For Jennifer Spencer: Chris Chisnall, Bekki Sadler, Bette Spencer; For Nylah Benet Sullivan: Josefa Vaughan; For Velvet Van Bueren: Gerhard Bedding, Magda V. Grant, Marilyn Masen, Robert Merck, Astrid Tallase, Thad Van Bueren, Josefa Vaughan, Maysoun Villagracia; For Josefa Vaughan: Dr. Dipti Agrawal, Edna Arterberry, Marilyn Bancel, William “Bill” Bicknell, Charles Boone, Tony & Caroline Grant, George Horng, Rose & Gabe Ireland, Gwenda Joyce, William Klingelhoffer, Karl & Margie Kohn, Jeff Le, Samuel Losh, SF Montessori Academy, Arwen & Heather Vaughan

Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: Artist & Craftsman Supply, Books Inc., Café Rx, Causwells, El Café, Ijnanya “EJ” Foster, Green Apple Books & Music, Hand Touch Nail Care, Inn at the Presidio, Office of the Assessor-Recorder, Photograph & Frame, Presidio Bowling Center, Bojana Rankovic, Eugene Reshetov, Pornpot “Pod” Rodkroh, Sessions in the Presidio, Bette Spencer, Jennifer Spencer, Margaret Stark-Roberts, Nikki Vismara, Jia Zhu

Core Volunteers: Oscar Arteta, Delaney Gibbons, Claudia Grubler, John Hammond, Jessica Kwan, Raoul Martinez, Linh Ha Khanh Nguyen, Pornpot “Pod” Rodkroh, Nikki Vismara, Judy Zhu

Youth Council: Anissa “Moon” Battle, Louisse & Olivia Bella, Matthew & Ma’Kayla Coats, Missy Martin, James Dailey, Khelaiyo & Michiko Kiyoi, Paola Perez, Shoshana, Teddy, Toby & Peter Priel, Daphne Blumenthal, Lily & Raeven Singh Mehta

Board of Directors: Edna Arterberry, William “Bill” Bicknell, Kevin Quan, Anita Smith-Christopher, Josefa Vaughan

Advisory Board: Milo M. Benningfield, Charles Boone, Matthew Boriskin & Greg Paxton, Annette Brinton, Tony Grant, Jeff Hastings, Marissa & Peter Mann Kunz, Malcolm McAfee, Anita Stokes, Arwen Vaughan, Ann Wettrich

Apprentices & Interns: 

Volunteers: Oscar Arteta, Gino Paolo Bella, Louisse Bella, Olivia Bella, William “Bill” Bicknell, Claudia Grubler, Sabine Gysens, John Hammond, Annika Houston, Chizu Houston, Trey Houston, Richard Ly and Pamela Lim, Raoul Martinez, Malcolm McAfee, Linh Nguyen, Pornpot “Pod” Rodkroh, John Scheib, Anita Smith-Christopher, Jennifer Spencer, Jacob Spies, Velvet Van Bueren, Josefa Vaughan, Jia Zhu, Zoe Zhu

Core Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, Lead Artist, Summer Intensive; Gino Paolo Bella, Outreach and Logistics Manager/Executive Assistant (2017 to present); Edward Smalarz, Teaching Artist/Studio Assistant; Jennifer Spencer, Office Assistant (3/2/17 to present); Jacob Spies, Teaching Artist/Studio Assistant; John Hammond, Studio Assistant/Apprentice; Trey Houston, Audio/Visual Program Consultant; Ninia Torrefiel, Bookkeeper (11/3/18 to 9/1/19), Pat Foley, Accountant (10/15/18 to present)

Teaching Artists & Guest Presenters: 

Partnerships: Ardicare Foundation, Tides Inc., Presidio Trust, Artist and Craftsman Supply, California Arts Council, The Point, The Cervin & Gavrich Family, Tony & Caroline Grant, Rebecca & Sergio Maggi, Park Presidio United Methodist Church, Saint Brigid School, San Francisco Montessori Academy, Eric Stover, Pamela Blotner, Peaceful World Foundation, Think Round Fine Arts, Heidi Hardin, Veterans Administration, Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, Karina Garcia, Elizabeth Medrano

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