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Below, ArtSeed participants describe their experiences in their own words…

“Working with ArtSeed has been an absolute joy. Josefa’s energy and passion is tangible wherever you turn – in the office, the classroom, on field trips, and especially alongside young children. The number and quality of resources – both artists and artistic supplies – that ArtSeed’s Programs provide are the kindling to inspire young artists and propel them to careers in art. ArtSeed’s style of apprenticeship teaching should be available to students throughout the nation.”
Leah, August 18, 2012

“My daughters’ experience with ArtSeed’s Asian Art Museum partnership didn’t just have an effect on them. It turned me around! I cried when I opened our AAM membership letter, saw the membership cards and found my daughter’s picture in the magazine. We had a preview reception and the exhibition opened to the public on my birthday! Now I am dedicated to my children’s future in a new way.”
LaDonna Johnson, Parent
Leola Havard Early Education School in Bayview Hunters Point

“ArtSeed has contributed substantially to the development of youth here at the school and in the community. Your partnership with Leola Harvard and the surrounding community has enabled youth to become immersed in, and appreciate, the value of art. You and your staff have provided youth with an oasis and safe haven from the turbulence of the neighborhood over the past decade. We, the school and community, appreciate everything you do and hope that your programs sustain themselves here at Leola Havard Early Education School.”
Eli Horn, Site Coordinator
Leola Havard Early Education School in Bayview Hunters Point

ArtSeed Beginning

“For the summer of 2000 I was participating in ArtSeed summer camp, which was directed by Josefa Vaughan. For the first week of ArtSeed we went to the de Young Museum Artist Studio to learn from Tim Rollins + KOS. Tim Rollins is definitely a man you only meet once in your life, but your experience with him you will probably never forget. The way Tim Rollins teaches is different from any other teacher except, maybe, Josefa. I learned so much from that week. Basically we were just sitting around making flowers which Tim Rollins would paste over pages from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (written by William Shakespeare in the 1300 century) which were glued on a canvas. Somehow doing that made me realize that I have a great passion for art and theater. Who would have known. The other six weeks at the camp was still very enjoyable because we did many other different things like rubbings, paintings, relief and mono-prints, and 3d collage. We also went on fieldtrips to museums etc. and we had an architect, Clyde Grimes, who came to talk to us about physical and philosophical perspective. After those seven weeks Josefa is still a big part of my life, and I still continue to learn from her. I someday would love to do art professionally.”

—Thuong Tran
June 18, 2001

“I first met Josefa Vaughan at Studio One Art Center in Oakland in 1999, when she taught the class “Drawing for Painters.” In class, Josefa always brought lots of handouts, news, and opportunities from the local art scene to try to motivate us “adult students” into taking ourselves seriously as active members of the art world. Some of us called her bluff, and have been working side by side with Josefa and each other to make “things” happen. One of those “things” is ArtSeed.

“My interest in the project started by seeing the work done by the students at Benjamin Franklin Middle School. Their images were sad, violent, humorous, and compelling. ArtSeed is a way of archiving that work, and the work of other non traditional art world groups that would otherwise not find a forum for expression. Given the number of people that Josefa knows, the combination of shows and opportunities that could grow out of ArtSeed are endless.

“My favorite ArtSeed experience was when I helped to teach the SFMOMA Family Studio on Oil Painting in May 2001. I was one of a number of assistants who were so varied in age and background that we had only two things in common: a desire to make the art world better reflect our own experiences and (thus) our association with ArtSeed. We had it all that day: table after table piled with donated oil paint, brushes, canvas, paper, printing blocks, idea cards… and soon the room filled with strangers, all potential friends and members of ArtSeed.”

—Laura Kamian
August 19, 2001

“I have worked with Josefa Vaughan for about 3 years, and if it wasn’t for her I would not be where I am today. She has gotten me through a good art school, entered me in numerous art contests, informed me about a job opportunity at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where I am now working as an intern. There are so many things to list that Josefa has done for me. I appreciate her time, her energy, and her friendship.”

“During the summer of 2000 I worked with Josefa at Benjamin Franklin Middle School. She taught a class of kids about all types of art. Around that time we were also attending the Asian Art Museum, where we met the great Tim Rollins. Tim, to be truthful, is a very strict man, but very dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth. During the class we had a big room to ourselves making collages with pages from A Midsummer’s Night Dream. It was very interesting and fun to work with Tim and Josefa for that summer. I learned from Tim, and especially from Josefa, that there is more to art than drawing and painting. Art is everywhere, so make something of it. ”

—Dana Flores
August 26, 2001