Activities 2011-2012

ArtSeed Programming Year Theme: 75 Reasons Why We Are The Bridge!

Summer 2011 – December 2012 Report Outline

(Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary, Engineering, Tourism and History) 


·      Board of Directors: Matthew Boriskin, President and Secretary (2008 – Present); Marissa Kunz, Founding Artist and Educator, Secretary, Program Officer (2001-2011); Kevin Quan, Treasurer (2006-Present); Edna Arterberry, Bayview Hunters Point Community Liaison (2009 -Present); Barbra Richardson, Apprenticeship Liason (2012-Present); Robert Rathmell, Attorney (2012-Present); Keith Van Bueren, Youth Council Coordinator (2010-2011); Malcolm McAfee, Social Impact Officer (2012-Present; Russell Brent, Development Officer (2012-Present); Josefa Vaughan, Founding Artist and Educator, Executive Director (2000-Present)
·      Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Executive and Artistic Director; Marissa Kunz, Lead teaching Artist & Jessica Robin, Assistant, Sherman Elementary School; Nicole Rose Gelormino, Lead Teaching Artist, Leola Havard EES Pre-K; Trey Houston, Program Coordinator. Joan Nelson, and Allerton Steel Accountants.
·      Active Advisors: Charles Boone; Tony Grant; Adam Frey; Georg Gottschalk; Jeff Hastings; Gabriela Hofmeyer; Eli Horn; Fran Johns; Allerton Steel; Arwen & Heather Vaughan; Michelle Vignes; Allison Wyckoff
·      Mentoring Artists & Apprentices: Caroline Liddell, mentoring Lemoni Tillman, and Emoni Tillman; Josefa Vaughan, mentoring Jade K., Christine Le, Alexa Avila, Aoi Yamaguchi, mentoring Kali Richardson. In preparation for 2013 Jazmin Lopez, and Angel Chavez began new pilot apprenticeships with guest artists Kathryn Kain and Joseph Aponte.
·      Presenting/Assisting Artists: Jeanelle Ablola, Claire Bain, Ray Beldner, Olaitan Callender-Scott, Amy Crumpacker, Kazuhiko Fujita, Charles “Trey” Houston, Marlon Sagana Ingram, Kathryn Kain, Tom Mogensen, Sophie Silverstein, Anita Stokes, Jeff Van Bueren,
·      Other Exhibiting Artists: Tim Abeyta, Joseph Aponte, Matt Boris, Stacey Carter, Kevin Quan, Steven Froman, Gabriela Hofmeyer, Aaron Lawrence, Barbra A. Richardson, Elissa Capelle Vaughn, Aoi Yamaguchi, Takayuki Yamamoto,
·      Musicians & Performers: Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church Gospel Choir: Edna Arterberry, Zeondrea Roshawn, Nadine Gordon; Amy Crumpacker; Sean DeGaetano; Charles “Trey” Houston; Anna Karney Band; William Klingelhoffer; Kimon Manolius; Devon McClive; Patrick O’ Malley; Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert; Noelle Richards; Sydney “Raven” Van Bueren; Jeske Dioquino
·      Youth Council: Jeske D., Dina & Sasha K., Jade K., Andrew P., Austin P., Sydney V. B., Anna Y.
·      Summer Intensive Youth: Matthew C., Jacob G., Marianna H., Dina K., Micah K., Abigail K., Andrew P., Austin P, Kali R., Emoni T., Lemoni T., Alexa A., Sydney V. B.
·      Interns/Volunteers: Tim Abeyta, Zenia Alvarado, Daniel Armstrong, Edna Arterberry, Leah Bedoian, Charles Boone, Russell Brent, Nicholas Eyes, Marsha Felton, Kayla C. Gerberding, Nadine Gordon, Chizu Houston, Diane Marie Japadjief, Christine Le, Charis Lam, Helene Lau, June Lee, Tessa McDonald, Ann Nguyen, Jessica Powers, Mauricio Ernesto Ramirez, William E. Scott, Alvin Tan, Arwen Vaughan, Heather Vaughan, Marina Wang
·      Active Parents: Zenia Alvarado, Olivia Boudreaux-Harris, Ymke Dioquino, June Lee, Bryan & Megumi Poli, Barbra Richardson, Ludmila Turok, Keith & Velvet Van Bueren, Ed Yarbrough 


·      75 Reasons Why We Are the Bridge! Josefa Vaughan curator, ArtSeed Annual Year-End Exhibition, Thoreau Center Corridor Gallery, July 5-29, 2012:
·      Summer Resource Fair, ArtSeed Activity Table, Concourse Center, SF Department of Children, Youth, and their Families, March 3, 2012
·      What Kind of Hell Will We Go installation featuring ArtSeed after-school students from Leola M. Havard Early Education School in collaboration with artist Takayuki Yamamoto as part of Phantoms of Asia exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, May 18-September 2, 2012:
·      Power Portraits Education Center Exhibition by Sherman Elementary students working with ArtSeed Teaching artist Marissa Kunz in conjunction with Maharaja exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, October 21, 2011-April 8, 2012
·      Marissa Kunz Workshop, Asian Art Museum, 2nd and 4th grade students and their parents from the Center for Talented Youth (VAPA), November 5, 2012
·      Fall Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, featured youth artist: Dina Kharag, October 29-30, 2011; featured affiliate artists: Marlon Ingram with Joseph Aponte, November 3-4, 2012, Participant, ArtSpan Family Art Day at the Shipyard and Studio Scavenger Hunt, November 3, 2012.
·      Spring Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, featured studio affiliate artists: Marlon Ingram with Joseph Aponte and Nhat Le, April 28-29, 2012:
·      Sherman Elementary School Art Walk, organized by Marissa Kunz Resident ArtSeed Teaching Artist, December 16, 2011
·      ArtSeed Fine Arts Summer Intensive at Pine United Methodist Church, Ray Beldner lead artist, July 9-13, 2012:
·      Fourth Annual Earth Week Art-a-thon, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, 10 hour art-making fundraiser, San Francisco WIPRO Marathon sponsor, April 21, 2012:
·      Craft Fair, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, ArtSeed Activity Table, December 2011 and December 2012
·      Presidio Teacher’s Night, ArtSeed Activity Table, October 6, 2011 and October 4, 2012
·      Presidio Games Day, ArtSeed Activity Table, Presidio Trust, July 29, 2012
·      Golden Gate Bridge75th Anniversary Festival and Fireworks, ArtSeed, (one of 75 Community Partners) Exhibition Teaser, Thoreau Center Galleries, May 27, 2012
·      ArtSeed Portfolio Presentation, Leola Havard Early Education School Pre-K Graduation,June 22, 2012
·      Art Card-making, ArtSeed Activity Table, San Francisco Public Montessori Pre-K Holiday Celebration, December 1, 2012
·      Presidio Tree Lighting, ArtSeed Activity Table, Presidio Trust, December 12, 2012
·      ArtSeed’s Fort Mason Center Exhibition, Fort Mason Center, November 15–December 31, 2012
·      Helpful Hands ArtSeed Christmas Card Workshop, Western Addition Beacon Center, John Muir School, December 2, 2011
·      Presidio Community Day, Golden Gate Club, Presidio trust, June 18, 2011
·      Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal Kick-off Auction
·      Photo Display SAM’s Diner on Market Street, San Francisco
·      Board Meetings: Summer-Winter: 2011: 7/5, 10/14, 12/2; Calendar year 2012: 2/10, 4/13, 6/8, 8/24, 10/26, 12/14


·      Sherman Elementary School, Arts Integration: weekly K-5 classes Monday-Friday, Marissa Kunz ArtSeed Resident Teaching Artist, approximately 450 students total. Assistants: Jessica Robin, Marina Wang, Diane Japadjief.
·      Marissa Summer Art Class in Thailand December 29, 2011
·      Leola Havard Early Education School Arts Integration: two weekly Pre-K classes with Teaching Artist Nicole Rose Gelormino and Assistant Sophie Silverstein. Four weekly apprenticeship meetings/workshops with Josefa Vaughan, Caroline Liddell, Aoi Yamaguchi, Alexandra Bastias, Maria Coomber, and other guest artists: Thomas Tandy, Malik-Heru Seneferu, Trey Houston, Takyuki Yamamoto.
·      Private lessons: Jade Kikuchi studied with Josefa Vaughan
·      Apprenticeships with Mentoring Artists: Aoi Yamaguchi (Kali Richardson), Caroline Liddell (Lemoni Tilman and Emoni Tilman), Josefa Vaughan (Jade Kikuchi, Christine Le, Alexa Avila, Jazmin Lopez, Angel Chavez),Apprenticeships culminated in ArtSeed’s end-of-year Thoreau Center exhibition, 75 Reasons Why We Are the Bridge!


·      Gallery Paule Anglim, Rena Bransten Gallery, Bekris Gallery, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, George Krevsky Gallery, Catherine Clark Gallery
·      San Francisco Arts Town Hall, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
·      San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Palace of the Legion of Honor, The De Young Museum, Asian Art Museum, Museum of Craft and Folk Art, Contemporary Jewish Museum
·      The Presidio: Andy Goldworthy’s Spire and Wood Line, The Golden Gate Bridge, International Orange exhibition at Fort Point, Josefa Vaughan home at Baker Beach: drawing sessions there and at the Cliff House, LucasFilm Lobby and Gardens, Thoreau Center for Sustainability.
·      Golden Gate Park: Around the Park, Japanese Tea Garden
·      Stanford University: Cubanismo, American Photographers in Havana featuring ArtSeed Apprentice Alum (2000) Dana Flores
·      Hunter’s Point Shipyard: Fall Open Studios 2011 & 2012; Spring Open Studios 2012
·      Japantown: Anime Fair Vendors, Artist Kumiko Tanaka, Cherry Blossom Festival, Artist Aoi Yamaguchi
·      Home of Charles Boone and Josefa Vaughan Holiday Evening
·      Arion Press Wendy Artin exhibition and tour of historic type foundry, printing and book making facility.
·      Asian Art Museum, Private Preview Reception for Leola Havard participants and families, Day of Dialogue panel discussion, for Phantoms of Asia exhibition, May 12, 2012
·      The Walt Disney Family Museum


·      The San Francisco Arts Quarterly, general listings
·      Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy:,
·      Marissa Summer Art Class in Thailand December 29, 2011,
·      The Phantoms of Asia at the Asian Art Museum, widely publicized in print, email, social media and website:,
·      75th Golden Gate Anniversary Celebration, widely publicized on website, print, web, social media, and SF Travel newsletter
·      WIPRO San Francisco Marathon, Artwork displayed on marathon banners and promotional material on website;
·      Stuffing Party, Letter of Appeal, November 24, 2012
·      “Enhancing Childhood Education by Training in Drawing and Fine Art” by Thomas Figg, The Western Edition, April 5, 2012:
·      “Smart Ways to Attract Money and Friends by Creating Fun Events” by Michelle Gienow, The Tool Kit, News, Advice, and Resources for Nonprofit Workers, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Volume XXIV, No. 13, May 31, 2012:
·      Website: 2,234 unique visitors viewed 4,714 pages from 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011,  1,874 unique visitors viewed 3,855 pages from 1/1/12 to 8/6/12
·      Website posts, and mass emails (3,182 subscribers): 4 in Fall 2011, and 19 in Calendar 2012
·      Two postal mailers: one letter and one post card, more than 2,800 of each


·      New website launched
·      June 1, 2012 began Payroll through ADP adding second full-time employee, Program Coordinator Trey Houston with Josefa Vaughan (who has been Executive Director on contract basis as ArtSeed’s only full-time office personnel)
·      August 1, 2012 began providing health insurance to full-time ArtSeed employees
·      Federal State Payroll Tax Seminar
·      Pro-Bono Seminar and Resource Fair at the Foundation Center
·      Cultural Data Project updates by bookkeeper Joan Nelson
·      Total Revenue for 2011: $81,192.  Total Revenue for 2012: $127,169.
·      Total Expenses: 2011: $103,364    Total Expenses for 2012: $121,621
·      ArtSeed Executive Director Josefa Vaughan was invited to serve on a grants review committee for California Arts Council (CAC)
·      New ArtSeed Studio Affiliate Program Awardee: Marlon Ingram


·      First Prize from California Arts Council Facebook Photo Contest to Marissa Kunz and Sherman Elementary:
·      California Arts Council Artists in Schools Program (fifth & sixth consecutive years), Third year to receive highest possible points and invited to apply for a 2-year grant in 2012
·      Matching Grants from Sherman Elementary PTA, IBM, Oracle, Gap, Adobe, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation Affinity Fund

·      Walter & Elise Haas Foundation (Josefa Vaughan and Russell Brent)
·      Calvary Foundation (Georg Gottschalk and Josefa Vaughan)
·      Wipro San Francisco Marathon
·      Pamakid Runners
·      Art4Moore (Marissa Kunz)


·      Asian Art Museum, Oscar Arteta, Aaron Lawrence Design, A Child’s Delight, Another Café, Artist and Craftman Supply, Dr. Anthony Dailley, DDS, Destination Art Attack, Stephanie Ellis, Fort Mason Center, Flora Grub Gardens, Steffen Franz and Independent Distribution Collective, Leola Havard Early Education School, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, Hand Touch Nail Care, Harrison House Music and Arts, Inn at the Presidio, JAMaRoo Kids Studio, Judy’s Café, Kitchen 39 Cafe and Catering, Michael Merrill Interior Design Studio, Ninkasi Brewing Company, Oh Behave: Training Dogs the Positive Way, The Presidio Trust, Photograph and Frame, Pine United Methodist Church, Play-Well Pleasanton, SF Public Montessori School, Mike Puente and House of Bagels, Jeannie Kim at SAM’s Diner, Sherman Elementary School, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, Tides, Bearhugs Unlimited, Toymato, Utrecht Art Supplies, Arwen and Heather Vaughan, Wee Scotty Sewing Classes, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Shipyard Trust for the Arts and The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard, Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco, ArtSeed Flagship Internship: Diane Japajief, High Expectations and Teneh Weller
·      Leola Havard Early Education School: this is the ninth and tenth year of programming, and the seventh and eighth programming year ArtSeed Apprenticeship Program has a dedicated art studio. Pre-K classroom teachers: Lupe Navarro and Betty Robinson-Harris. Teaching Artists: Josefa Vaughan and Assistant Teaching Artists
·      Sherman Elementary School: this is the seventh and eighth programming year ArtSeed has a dedicated art studio for teaching artist Marissa Kunz. K-5 classes taught Monday-Friday (about 450 students total)
·      Classes in Thailand with Marissa Kunz and Peter Mann
·      Pine United Methodist Church, The Point at Hunters Point Studios
·      Documentation of Emily Wade Thompson, Faye Anderson, and Virginia Marshall with The Beta Nu Chapter of the National Sorority of Phi Kappa, Inc. at the Leola Havard Holiday Event.
·      Golden Gate 75th Anniversary Celebration, in partnership with The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, the National Park Service, and the Presidio Trust


·      Josefa Vaughan (1st place for most funds raised), Marissa Kunz (2nd place), Luned Palmer (3rd place), Jade Kikuchi (1st Place, most funds raised by youth)
·      Grand Total Raised: $17,088.39



Apprenticeship: Aoi Yamaguchi with Kali Richardson

“Throughout the year of 2012, I worked with Kali Richardson as a teaching artist for ArtSeed’s afterschool apprenticeship program. [The] first half [of the] year was dedicated to creat[ing] a banner of Golden Gate Bridge Towers at the Leola M. Harvard Early Education School. The roll of canvas was cut out in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge tower. Inspired by his favorite icon, a Japanese ninja that existed in the Kamakura to Edo period in Japan, Kali decided to draw out the relationship between Japan and the United States. He painted ninjas, thunderbolts and a couple Japanese characters in calligraphy. On the back of the banner, he also painted ships and submarines that symbolize the cultural and political exchange between Japan and the United States.

From August until December, we had another 8 sessions—about 1.5 hours each, roughly 12 hours total in my studio. Kali and I worked on four characters – “Tree,” “Water,” “Earth,” and “Fire.” Kali practiced the characters on about 10-15 sheets of Japanese handmade calligraphy papers every session. We could not finish the fifth character, “Wind,” since he could not make it to the last session on December 17th. Overall, Kali was able to focus on practicing for an hour straight without getting distracted. He possesses the ability to learn brush skills very quickly, and apply what I taught him in his works in a very short amount of time. I have all four works in my studio, including all the ones he practiced, unframed.

Aoi Yamaguchi”

(We are planning to have a final presentation of Kali and his work to the other after school students of Leola Havard EES)

Another brief testimony from Aoi:

“As an independent calligrapher/artist, I had a great experience working with a youth apprentice, Kali Richardson, for ArtSeed’s apprenticeship program. What I learned through this year-long apprenticeship program is not only teaching methods and processes for youth, but “working together” with kids, which is a whole other realm from working with teenagers and adults. Setting up the goal, planning steps, finding resources, and working towards the goal together—these small steps are important to keep them focused and encourage them to be [and] think creatively. This experience with my apprentice taught me how important [it is] to be flexible, patient, and open-minded—that allows you to come down to the eye level of children—and more importantly [taught me], what Art means in our lives—and what Art can bring us in our lives. 

A testimony from Kali’s Grandmother, Barbara Richardson:

“2012 was a fun year for Kali Richardson. He was one of the youngest students to be chosen to participate in the ArtSeed Mentorship Program.  He was paired with Aoi Yamaguchi, a brilliant young artist whose work has been shown internationally. Aoi was encouraging and inordinately patient with Kali. She worked with Kali on the “We Are The Bridge” project.  She gave him just enough leeway to exercise his individualism, while always maintaining artistic discipline. Kali responded to her guidance extremely well. He seemed to love the fact that the ninja figures he loved to sketch were a part of the Japanese culture.  In addition to working in the ArtSeed studio afterschool at Leola Havard Early Education School, Aoi worked privately with Kali in her studio over several weeks.  Kali received a scholarship to ArtSeed’s Summer Intensive Camp and attended two of Aoi Yamaguchi’s performance shows during the year, one in Japantown, and a lovely one in the Asian [Art] Museum.

On the whole, we feel his participation in ArtSeed, and the ArtSeed Apprenticeship program in particular, has been very positive and has broadened his prospective on life in general.


Apprenticeship: Josefa Vaughan with Jade Kikuchi

From a letter written by Jade to Josefa:

“I want to thank you so much for all the wonderful things you’ve done to help me and be the one to push me when I didn’t have confidence. Even through the hardships in the beginning you have been there all the time…. Also I want to thank you so much for introducing and making me part of the ArtSeed community and beyond! ArtSeed is now a permanent part of me, and a community I owe a lot to for helping me get this far. You’ve taught me discipline (thumbnail daily sketches), determination (drawing in furious weather), and a completely different way to see my world! Thank you for adding a new slice to my pie of life <3.



“I am so impressed and delighted with all you do and have done with your program…. It would be so wonderful to have such a quality program available at our school. I’ve shared much information already with Sharon about your programs at Leola Havard and Sherman and summer intensives and gardens and community collaboratives with Museums, it’s all very exciting! Everyone I have met from ArtSeed has been exceptionally hard working and dedicated. It’s really inspiring.” –Gabriela Hofmeyer 8/9/12

“Fine art practices taught thoroughly so that the children retain the information. In each project they showed that they could look at things differently in drawing and painting.” –Anonymous

“My daughters’ experience with ArtSeed’s Asian Art Museum partnership didn’t just have an effect on them. It turned me around! I cried when I opened our AAM membership letter, saw the membership cards and found my daughter’s picture in the magazine. We had a preview reception and the exhibition opened to the public on my birthday! Now I am dedicated to my children’s future in a new way.”   — LaDonna Johnson, parent, Leola Havard Early Education School

“ArtSeed has contributed substantially to the development of youth here at the school and in the community. Your partnership with Leola Harvard and the surrounding community has enabled youth to become immersed in, and appreciate, the value of art. You and your staff have provided youth with an oasis and safe haven from the turbulence of the neighborhood over the past decade. We, the school and community, appreciate everything you do and hope that your programs sustain themselves here at Leola Havard Early Education School.”   — Eli Horn, Site Coordinator Leola Havard Early Education School

“The art was interesting to learn and the special guests who spoke were wonderful and taught well.”-Anonymous

“Print making, painting, sewing dolls, and seeing the video from Lucasfilms… Also, the field trips were fun!” -Anonymous

“A sophisticated art program that honors the abilities of the students of all ages. Engages many skill sets, including spatial/geometric concepts, math, literacy, and community collaboration and participation.” -Anonymous

“Working with Art Seed has been an absolute joy…. The number and quality of resources – both artists and artistic supplies – that Art Seed’s Programs provide are the kindling to inspire young artists and propel them to careers in art. Art Seed’s style of apprenticeship teaching should be available to students throughout the nation.” – Leah, August 18, 2012

“I saw the exhibit at the Asian Art Museum with the kids’ interpretation of hell. It was wonderful, I still remember the piece by a girl who made an interactive sock-em bop-em robots type interactive interpretation. “hell is a place where people constantly punch you in the dark…” That was wonderful and so were all the others.” – Jeff Le, September 15, 2012

Leola Havard Teachers Pre-K Evaluations, 6/18/12:

“The art was displayed in a prideful manner.” –Diana Brooks

“The children played with the vocabulary words they learned in the classroom.” – James Mayfield

“Special kids Jason and Brando had a good time working with beads.”

“Help in the classroom and learning things about art myself. I really enjoyed the ArtSeed class. Keep up the outstanding work in art. It helped the children with their pre-writing skills in the Pre-K class. Thanks for such.” – Mary Cole

“Watching the children create and learn new vocabulary and use different mediums. They could use more visuals and visual examples and repetition. The children, of which many are dual language learners, learned more vocabulary and improved their comprehension of new words. Loved all the exposure to all the different medium.”

“Helping to conceptualize art words. The introductions to new art was successful with the children’s understanding.”

“I really feel inspired by your approach because it engages the intellect and abilities of the kids…. I really value the way you let me be however critical I want to be in the art I contribute—case in point: my banner. I thought it was morbid or a bummer topic and I even tried to disguise the message, thinking the figures may look like they are striving happily. Ha ha ha. They totally look like they are falling and struggling anyway, and thank you for including it as it is, which it the way I need it to be.” –Claire, July 21, 2012

“I am very impressed and inspired by the projects that the children created—and by the video presentations they did describing their ‘original hells.’” –Sharon, May 18, 2012

“What wonderful opportunities you create for our children! Especially topics such as death, afterlife/heaven/hell/reincarnation are often not spoken about. This silence put a heaviness around them, a taboo that can create fear, stifle kids’ creative flow and narrow their scope of what’s possible for them. We fool ourselves when we think kids don’t think about stuff like this. Actually, they are very much aware of ‘right’, ‘wrong’ and the consequences. They see images on TV, listen to people around them and integrate all this information into a kaleidoscopic image of ‘what is’. To not have an outlet or to be denied one because it’s just not something we like to talk about is sad and a missed opportunity to get a peek inside their amazing landscape. Children are naturally curious and have an incredibly rich inner life. I like to think the ‘grand design’ added this part to our life cycle to allow us ‘grown ups’ all the opportunity to remember this treasure as it is often lost to us. ArtSeed offering a safe place for children to share and express their thoughts and feelings around a topic that is hard to talk about for most parents is very much appreciated. Gratefully, Ymke” January 13, 2012

“Being a part of ArtSeed as a young student helped me to become more patient with things beyond my control and it taught me how to channel my energy, thoughts and feelings into amazing artwork. A favorite memory of mine was when we went to a small museum out of woman’s home in SOMA San Francisco, throughout her home she had many pieces and entire walls filled with colors, furs, bottle caps, and other weird things – but together they were beautiful. As a growing artist and student I have seen myself take what I have learned from my mentors over those past years and apply it to my everyday life.” – Kali Mobley, February 1, 2012

“I <3 ArtSeed! Everyone there is super nice :D  I guarantee you’re going to make some good friends there. I liked that the teachers showed us many art techniques, such as watercolor painting, claymation, anime/manga sketching and fiber work. I was asked to serve on the youth council and my answer is yes, I will do it. Thank you for a great intensive.” – Anna Yarbrough 8/21/11

“Our family is thrilled that Anna was able to participate once again in the ArtSeed Intensive. It is a special part of her San Francisco experience. We thank everyone involved in providing this experience to the young artists from the bottom of our hearts.” Yvonne Yarbrough, August 12, 2011

“Elisha had a chance to express herself in new ways through ArtSeed. We, as a family were given the opportunity to see her grow in little ways that are very precious. Thank you for your enthusiasm and love for what you do working with children, youth, and young adults. G’ma Lynn” July 2011