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Cottage Update

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Big Thanks to all of you who have taken an interest in ArtSeed’s Cottage, or attended the two Saturday Cottage Symposia (August 10 and 17), led by Ann Wettrich. In attendance were Board members, donors, neighbors, artists and volunteers from different backgrounds who discussed the future of the cottage and upcoming ArtSeed programming: Tim Abeyta, John A. Hardi, Joseph Aponte, Bob Burnside, Matt Boris, Eileen Downey, Jim Forsman, Lola Fraknoi, Molly Froman, Steven Froman, Marc Ellen Hamel, Maiyah Hirano, Gabriela Hofmeyer, Annika Houston, Trey Houston, Kathryn Kain, Paul Kleyman, Marissa Kunz, June Lee, Alli Light, Toby Lu, Geroldo “Lalo” Madrigal, Malcolm McAfee, Michelle McClellan, Tom Mogensen, Judy Orloff, Dave Parker, Kevin Quan, Barbra Richardson, Anna Rodriguez, Jon Shoemaker, Todd Standish, Terence Stevens, Josefa Vaughan, Maximilien Volckaert, Ann Wettrich, Dorothy Yuki.

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Since then there has been a consistent flow of visitors and volunteers who have come to

consult with us from architectural historians, architects, and contractors to founders of other residency programs who’ve offered advice and encouragement on matters ranging from programmatic vision and logistics to building and ground improvements. The consensus is that the place is in very good shape, maintenance will be manageable and upgrades can happen gradually and concurrent with the residency program alongside small-scale classes and meetings. There has also been progress on the physical work at the Cottage: from floor, wall and cabinet cleaning, painting, rug removal to cataloging the books in Michelle Vignes’ library. It’s been fun to notice the diverse needs visitors pick up on around the place that they express a desire to do something about! The garden has stimulated a lot of imagination, the hot tub and stair chair are claimed for removal, and wood for filling in the railing around the deck is already acquired.

Special thanks is owed to Steven Froman who has earned the informal title as “Foreman,” and to others who, under his supervision, have really made a difference that even Michelle would approve! These “Cottage Scribes and Elves” include: Tim, Joseph, Toby, Max and Maiyah listed above, but also Miriam Manda, Ann Hatch, Karyn Shore Campbell, Paul Griffin, Rozella Kennedy, Mason Dille, Gillian Bostock, Anton Belov, Emily Breiz, Marie Kare, Ben Berkley, Miles Stone, Max and Elizabeth Bell, Andreas Brueggemann, Elizabeth Howe, Noah and Eden Fong, Ed Yarbrough, Christine Le, Jade Kikuchi, June Lee, Caroline Liddell, Charles Boone, Greg Paxton, Henry and Jazmin Lopez.

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Notice the hawk on the roof in the center!

There is still time to Get Involved! Help finish preparations for Cottage programs and help us look for long-term support for the great things that will happen in this wonderful space. If you have time to roll up your sleeves or know of other ways to support these efforts, please be in touch! Contact Josefa at 415-656-9849, and Trey at 415-794-3456,