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Outline of Activities 2016

Cottage Industry: Locomotion, Collaboration, Let’s Beat Poverty & Racism In All Their forms!
ArtSeed 2016 Annual Outline of Activities Report


  • Board of Directors: Matthew Boriskin, President (2008-2016) and Secretary (2014 – Present); Ben Berkeley, Legal Council, Chair (2013) / Acting President (2014 – Present); Sabine Gysens, Outreach and Fundraising Committee (2015 –Present); Kevin Quan, Treasurer (2006 – Present); Edna Arterberry, Bayview Hunters Point Community Liaison (2009 – Present); Barbra Richardson, Apprenticeship Liaison (2012 – Present)
  • Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director; Lindsay Zackeroff, Program Coordinator (April1 – July 1, 2016) Justin Dizon, Program Coordinator (April 2015 – January 2016); Josefa Vaughan, Lead Artist, Summer Intensive; Trey Houston, Audio/Visual Program Consultant; Allerton Steel, Accountant; Phillipa Weaver, Office Manager, Amrita Daing, Logistics
  • Advisors: Charles Boone; Joe Butler; Tony Grant; Paul Griffin; Adam Frey; Gabriela Hofmeyer; John O’Grady; Malcolm McAfee; Dave Parker; Robert Stenson; Tatiana Tilly; Arwen & Heather Vaughan; Allison Wyckoff; Ann Wettrich
  • Mentoring Artists, Interns, & Apprentices: Caroline Liddell, mentoring Jazmin Lopez; Josefa Vaughan, mentoring Margaret Ma, Kinnari Saraiya, & Tim Abeyta; Kathryn Kain mentoring Celia Strumph & Penelope Anstruther; Jan Van Buyten mentoring Durrel Laury, Sonja Hinrichsen mentoring Paola Perez, Quinta Addis and Rachall Lee (USF), Michelle San Augustin (Academy of Art University)
  • Teaching/Presenting/Assisting Artists: Tim Abeyta, Charles Boone, Marc Eymard, Sonja Hinrichsen, Charles “Trey” Houston, Leah Mendelson and MuktMukh, Craig Perry, Raeven Singh Mehta, Jan Van Buyten, Josefa Vaughan, Xander Weaver Scull, Lindsay Zackeroff, Susan Peterson
  • Other Exhibiting Artists: Timothy Abeyta, Glenn Berry, Su-Chen Hung, , Mark Harris, Charles “Trey” Houston, Kathryn Kain, Susanna Koh, Caroline Liddell, Bryant Lui, Margaret Ma, Catie O’Leary, Craig Perry, William Scott, Xander Weaver Scull, Jan Van Buyten, Josefa Vaughan, Royce Vaughn, Yuhan “Carrie” Yan, Lindsay Zackeroff,
  • Musicians & Performers: Raymond Coats, Craig Perry, and Patrick Maley and friends
  • Youth Council / Private Instruction: Morocco Battle, Louisse Bella Tamia Gilton, Junaid Iqbal, Ramsha Iqbal, Miles Meadows, Paola Perez,
  • Summer Intensive Youth/Interns: Miles Meadows, Morocco Battle, Sophia Bayson, Louisse Bella, Tamia Gilton, Campbell, Kimberly Hernandez, Clark ‘Apple’ Koskela, Carrie Li, Lily Singh Mehra, Gabby Molina, Danica Obispo, Renzl Obispo, Paola Perez, Sally Phi, Kali ‘Renzor’ Richardson, Panmai Suwanamalik-Murphy, Tawan Suwanamalik-Murphy, Ace Tombolini, Briana Tran, Oliver Zandi
  • Other Volunteers: Oscar Arteta, Jewli Judd, Karen Kelly, June Lee, Bryant Lui, Margaret Ma, Malcolm McAfee, Craig Perry, Barbra Richardson, Betsy Shafer, Etan Zapinsky, Jing Xiao (Jean), Anita Stokes, Rula Altunaiji, Dina Milovanov, Shani Winston. Tyler Albreksten, Nicole Robichaud
  • Most Active Parents: Anisa Battle, Gino Bella, Anna Fraser, June Lee, Lily Obispo, Mom Keo
  • ArtSeed Labyrinth Studio Participants and Associates: Pastor Caiti Hamilton, Susan Bostrom-Wong and the Art Group, Morocco Battle, Olivia Bella, John Hammond, Annika Houston, Raeven and Lily Singh Mehra, Gabriella Hofmeyer


  • Cottage Industry – Locomotion, Collaboration: Let’s Beat Poverty and Racism in All Their Forms! Josefa Vaughan and Sabine Gysens co-curated ArtSeed’s Annual Year-End Exhibition which took place at the Thoreau Center Corridor Galleries at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio of San Francisco Thursday, June 23 – Saturday, July 23, 2016. Artists and children question methods of locomotion used over time to gain or give power, share resources or hoard them. Partners include students, teachers, and staff at Presidio Early Education School, Saint Brigid School, San Francisco Public Montessori, and Tule Elk Park Early Education School. Featured artists include: Tim Abeyta, Glenn Berry, Mark Harris, Sonja Hinrichsen, Su-Chen Hung, Susanna Kohn, Bryant Lui, Margaret Ma, Catie O’Leary, Xander Weaver Scull, Josefa Vaughan, Royce Vaughn, Lindsay Zackeroff and more. Exhibition Artwork: / Opening and Closing Exhibitions
  • Presidio Holiday Lights Tree-lighting and Card-Making table, December 3
  • Spring Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, ArtSeed presents selected work from our educational programs and from the Art-a-thon to be displayed alongside art by practicing artists. Location: Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101, Studio 2513. , April 23 & 24. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Eighth Annual ArtSeed Earth Week Art-a-thon 10a.m. – 8p.m. April 23 Artists of all ages and levels of experience came together in a 10-hour art-and-music-making marathon to bring ArtSeed opportunities to more underserved students. Works for sale were displayed at Open Studios. Location: The Presidio’s Thoreau Center for Sustainability.
  • Presidio Teacher’s Night, ArtSeed Presentation & Activity Table, Officer’s Club, Presidio, September 20, 2016
  • Summer Resource Fair, ArtSeed Activity Table, Pier 70, SF Department of Children, Youth, and their Families, March 12
  • Unified School District Office on Franklin St., January 2014 – 2016
  • Board Match, Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, March 2, 2016
  • ArtSeed Youth Council hosts Meet & Greet Letter of Appeal Mailing Party for Volunteers, Youth Council, Teachers, and Families at the ArtSeed Office, November 21
  • Charles Boone Lectures, ArtSeed sponsors lectures at Lowell High School, May 17 and 18
  • Peace in the Park, September 17, 11am – 6pm
  • Children’s Toy & Book Festival, San Francisco City Hall, December 7, 2016
  • James Episcopal Church Craft Fair, November 12


  • San Francisco Public Montessori School, Arts Integration afterschool and in the mornings. Teaching artists Josefa Vaughan, Justin Dizon, Xander Weaver Scull; assisting artists Charles “Trey” Houston and Timothy Abeyta.
  • Tule Elk Park Early Education School (TEPEES): Pre-k, T-k, and special needs SFUSD, Xander Weaver Scull, Teaching Artists.
  • Presidio Early Elementary School: Pre-k, T-k, and special needs SFUSD, Josefa Vaughan, Justin Dizon, Tim Abeyta, Teaching Artists.
  • Brigid School: Private K-8th grade, Josefa Vaughan and Associate Teaching Artists: Gino Bella, Lindsay Zackeroff.
  • Montessori Academy weekly art lessons with Justin Dizon in February and painter Dina Milovanov, 9Morocco and Anisa Battle, guests) in October, November, and December.
  • ArtSeed Fine Arts Summer Intensive: (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays July 11 – 22, 2016.) Individual portfolio and collaborative project-building workshop for teaching artists, guest presenters and adult volunteers culminating in an exhibition. For ten students 10 -18 years old, (or younger after an interview) may apply. Sliding scale tuition: $400/wk ($800 paid), scholarships total: $12,000; 17 Students, 3 Teen Interns, 10 Presenters/Teaching Artists, 8 Staff, 5 Volunteers. Location: ArtSeed Labyrinth Studios at Park Presidio United Methodist Church
  • Empathy Building Workshop, ArtSeed Labyrinth Studios, Volunteers in Asia (VIA) Tai Mesches, August 18, 2016 (participating organization paid $150 for art supplies)
  • ArtSeed Labyrinth Studios Drop-in Sundays, 1-3pm: 1) freelance space, equipment use, and exhibition opportunities for volunteers; 2) training for artists who wish to teach; 3) coaching for classroom teachers who wish to get ideas for classroom art projects; 4) year-long apprenticeships; 5) afterschool instruction or weekend classes; 6) fieldtrips with hands-on activities at our studios for schools or other groups.
  • ArtSeed Labyrinth Studios All-Day Workshop Public School Holidays, 8:30am-5:30pm: January 18 (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday); February 8 (Lunar new year); February 15 (President’s Day); April 1 (Cesar Chavez); May 30 (Memorial Day); September 5 (Labor Day); October 10 (Indigenous People’s Day); November 11 (Veteran’s Day).

Board Meetings: January 17, April 3, April 17, May 6, May 14, May 24, June 5, June 26, July 18, September 6, September 11, September 17, September 24, October 13, October 22, November 2, November 5, November 21

Outreach and Staff Development: Beyond Impact: Focusing on At-Risk Populations of Children, Tides Boardroom, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, Aug 4, 2016

Youth Council/Art-a-thon Planning Meetings: 3-5pm, Sundays, February – April, ArtSeed Labyrinth Studios, 4301 Geary Blvd, San Francisco.”

ArtSeed Holiday Celebration Volunteer Appreciation Party, December 17, 2016, Executive Director, Josefa Vaughan and Charles Boone hosts, 1528-D Pershing Drive, San Francisco, CA 94129


  • The Exploratorium
  • Walt Disney Museum
  • Andy Goldsworthy Installations in Presidio
  • China Brotsky and Seed Galleries, Thoreau Center for Sustainability
  • Hunters Point Shipyard


  • Richmond Review, September Edition,
  • Sixth Annual ArtSeed Earth Day Art-a-thon Publicity:
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    • Razoo
    • Twitter
    • Website
    • Thoreau Center News and Calendars, Email Blasts
    • Instagram posts by Josefa and Raeven
  • Presidio Newsletters
  • Presidio E-news
  • Website: 4,767 unique visitors viewed 11,691 pages from 1/1/16 to 12/31/16
  • Website Posts: 10 total
  • Online Gifts: Network for Good $2,392.20 (25 donors); Razoo $3,770. (from 64 donors for 14 fundraisers)
  • Mass emails: 4,726 subscribers were sent 19 mass emails in 2016
  • Facebook page: 266 total likes
  • Twitter: 3,369 followers
  • One postal mailer: 4,200 letter recipients


  • Board Match, March 2, Hilton Hotel, San Francisco
  • USF Arts Administration class Internships: Rachell Lee, Quinta Addis
  • Academy of Art University Internship: Michelle San Augustin
  • Letter of Appeal Mailing Party November 19
  • Homeless Family Welfare Committee meeting, Park Presidio United Methodist Church, October 9, 2016
  • Michelle Vignes Studio Practice Artist-in-Residence Cottage, property tax exemption applied for, repeatedly denied, finally won: April 25, 2016.
  • ArtSeed’s Cottage Artist Residency Program ended January 1, 2016
  • Lead remediation grant prorated cost of service negotiation
  • Tree trimming estimates, sidewalk repair citation and contracting, inventory and packing of Cottage supplies and equipment for hauling to Shipyard studio 2513, building 101
  • Internet Archive donation of 24 boxes of Michelle Vignes books, July 7
  • Real Estate research, realtor interviews, staging and cleaning for showing
  • Sale of the Cottage for $1,300,000, settlement date: November 29 to Justin and Kelly Pirie.
  • Total ArtSeed annual revenue: $150,905; Total annual expense: $118,470


  • Eighth Annual Earth Week Art-a-thon: Gross Income: $5,752; Expenses: $3,480; Net Income $2,271
  • Tony and Caroline Grant $50,000 paid in full December 2, 2016
  • The Gavrich Family $10,000
  • Tony and Caroline Grant $4,000
  • Pete Brannigan $4,000
  • Anonymous $3,000
  • City & County of San Francisco property tax refund $5,389.


  • Labyrinth ArtGroup, weekly life drawing workshop for women members (Josefa was asked to join.)
  • Cartoon Art Museum
  • Cole Hardware
  • Swords to Plowshares
  • Ruby’s Ceramic Studio
  • Artist and Craftsmen Supply
  • Creative Arts Charter School
  • Academy of Art University
  • Presidio Early Education School
  • San Francisco Public Montessori School
  • Brigid School
  • SF Montessori Academy
  • Tides Inc. and the Thoreau Center for Sustainability
  • Presidio Trust
  • Shipyard Trust for the Arts and The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard
  • USF Department of Art & Architecture, Art History and Arts Administration Internship Program
  • CA Lawyers for the Arts, Spotlight on the Arts Internship Program
  • Border Studies/Paideia
  • Park Presidio United Methodist Church (ArtSeed Labyrinth studio space rental, Sunday service, coffee hour and singing, book club)

PRO BONO / IN-KIND GIFTS: (From Art-a-thon) A Child’s Delight, Artist and Craftsman Supply, Baptiste Yoga SF, Caroline Liddell and the 2014 Summer Intensive participants, Cole Hardware, David’s Tea, Hand Touch Nail Care, House of Bagels, La Mediterranee, Judy Vaughn (art supplies), Stephanie Peek (paper), Peter Veres (shelving and art supplies), Inn at the Presidio, Pacific Catch, Paper Source, Walnut Cleaners, Matt Boris (Moo Cards and Computer


RAZOO FUNDRAISERS: Sophia Bayson, Matt Boris, Sabine Gysens, Junaid Iqbal, Ramsha Iqbal, Christine Law, Malcolm McAfee, Luned Palmer, John Scheib, Amy Sonstein, Josefa Vaughan, Lindsay Zackeroff, Etan Zapinsky

ARTISTS AND CHEERLEADERS: Rosa and Oscar Arteta, Shelly Auyeung-Mally, Kathy and Alicia Balistreri, Sophia Bayson, Daphne Blumenthal, Andrea, Angela and Miguel Chagoya, Jack Clark, Linda and Steve Cabellon-Dever, Sedona, Madera and Greer Famous, Rebecca and Lang Feng, Connie Freeman, Tamia Gilton, Isla, Aiden and Ed Gower, Claudia Grubler, Kier Holmes, Mary, Katie and Colly Hossfeld, Chizu and Annika Houston, Melissa Izumi, Karen Kelley, Jade Kikuchi, Marissa Kunz, Jonas and Ellie Koester, Audrey and Christine Law, Ettore and Luca Leale, Ben, Vivi, CJ and Anne Long, Peter Mann, Miles Meadows, Bob Odell, Teddy, Shoshana and Toby Priel, Cherrie Russell, Esther Tapia, Maximilien Volckaert, Evelyn, Ada and Amy Wimmer

VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF: Timothy Abeyta, Trey Houston*, Ramsha Iqbal, Karen Kelley, Bill Klingelhoffer, June Lee, Kevin Quan, John Scheib, Jan Van Buyten, Xander Weaver Scull, Phillipa Weaver, Josefa Vaughan, Lindsay Zackeroff *also performed

PERFORMERS: Raymond Coates, Craig Perry, Patrick, Matt, Jeff and Paul Maley

IN-KIND DONORS: A Child’s Delight, Artist & Craftsman Supply, Baptiste Yoga, Caroline Liddell and 2014 Summer Intensive Students, Hand Touch Nail Care, Inn at the Presidio, Pacific Catch, Walnut Cleaners, David’s Tea, Paper Source

DONORS: Ravi Agarwal, Shelly Auyeung-Mally, Alan Basker, Kevin Bayuk, Kristen Bergman, Matthew J Boriskin, Theresa Bowes, Beth Castroll, Jack Clark, Christine Curry, Jubilee Daniels, Lawrence Ebert, Dale Edson, Holly Edson, Michelle Emanuel, Sedona, Madera and Greer Famous, Mark Fish, Candace Forest, Erin Gallup, Holly Gosselink, Sasha S Grant, Claudia Grubler, Patricia Hailey, Nicole A Halbreiner, Michele Hampshire, Sanjay Hortikar, Mary, Katie and Colly Hossfeld, Trey Houston, Vicki Inglis, Nirmal Iyengar, Melissa Izumi, June Jackson, Gazelle Javantash, Frances Johns, Louise C. Karr, Simone Kennedy, Philip Kipper, Bill Klingelhoffer, Jonas Koester, Marissa Kunz, Christine and Audrey Law, Ettore Leale, Ben, Anne, Vivi and CJ Long, Justine Lucas, Patrick Maley, Peter Mann, Sharon Markowitz, Kambria Metcalfe, Annelie Nilsson, Katherine M Onstott, Dr. Dawn A Osterweil, Rosamund Palmer, Nelly Palmer, Dominique A Palmer, Bina Patel, Ian Portek, Miles Portek, Aina Bernadette Roberts, Benjamin Russo, John P Scheib, Laura Seth, Saarika Sharma, Cristina Shaver, Matthew R Shepherd, Allison M Sidhu, Thomas W. Smith, Jason Thomas, Richard Tirtoprodjo, Lan Anh Tran, Heather Vaughan, Josefa Vaughan, Cynthia Wang, Phillipa Weaver, Tanner Welsh, Fiona Westphal, Heather Wilson, Evelyn, Ada and Amy Wimmer, Karsten Windt, Jill Winegardner

Overall winners – Luned Palmer (1st place), Sabine Gysens (2nd place), Josefa Vaughan (3rd place); Youth winner – Sophia Bayson; Most sponsors – Winner: Sabine Gysens; Top donor/sponsor prize this year goes to Matt Boris


As a student at ArtSeed I have learned a lot. I have learned that a mistake can turn into something beautiful. When I painted with watercolors I noticed that most of the time it doesn’t turn out as you want. All you need to do is just help the colors move together. Even though these things may not seem as much as important to me, they are because somehow it can relate to life itself. Like in life things won’t turn out as you want them but they can end up being something unexpected that you will learn to love. Work is hard but we can always be creative and find the beautiful part of it. – Kimberly Hernandez July 2016 Summer Intensive


I’m Paola, I’ve experienced high quality of art (paintings, sketching, colors) since I went to ArtSeed, I’ve been noticing lots of laughter when I first came, I was an independent girl and was so serious but when I started knowing other people better I knew I became more playful, kind, ArtSeed changed my personality. – Paola Perez, July 2016, Summer Intensive


I want to revive the Youth Council. “I think art is a calming experience that everyone can do.” Youth Council is the next generation and will bring new styles of art to the community. – Louisse Bella, July 2016 Summer Intensive


My name is Danica O. My favorite think I like to do in drawing is sketching. I am in 4th Grade but I’m going to 5th Grade. My favorite memory here at ArtSeed was on the first day and we used charcoal to draw a model. It is important to me because I believe it’s about my first time using charcoal and it was very, very, very fun. – Danica Obispo, July 2016 Summer Intensive


It is awesome because I made three new friends and cool models. It was pretty cool that I got to really do more than I expected. Most of the day we are painting then the other is crafting. I love making walking sticks. – Kali Richardson, July 2016 Summer Intensive


Dear ArtSeed,

We’re writing to tell you how much Oliver enjoyed his two weeks with you this summer. He bonded with the other students in the overwhelmingly positive environment you provided. There aren’t many places to go these days for creative young people, where art is presented as a meaningful pursuit and a crucial part of our everyday life. Oliver had never been exposed to anything like that and had been mostly exposed to art through the public school system where total instruction amounts to about 2 hours per year. He loves to draw at home and I think seeing people that share his interests impressed him greatly. Some of the best aspects of ArtSeed were the teacher to student ratio and the quality of work happening. I was absolutely blown away by some of the young artists and would not be surprised at all to come across their work in galleries in the future. The range of ages coming together was also marvelous, younger students have so much to learn from older students and the mentorship model is fantastic. Providing space and materials to young artists who might otherwise never have a chance is wonderful, students have a chance to see what they can do given the means. All of the staff and artists were just lovely and enthusiastic, ArtSeed creates a magical atmosphere and we hope to spend more time with them in the future. We can’t thank you enough. Our experience has been invaluable, special thanks to Josefa.

Many thanks!

Anna Fraser, Parent, July 25th, 2016 Summer Intensive


ArtSeed Internship Testimonies 2016

To be completely honest I wouldn’t call myself an “Artist.” So that’s why I was debating if this job really is for me. Throughout my two weeks here at ArtSeed I noticed that drawing is a way to express something just like dancing is another way. In light of this, I learned that ArtSeed isn’t just about art but it is also about community. I first heard of ArtSeed from a friend. Showing my friend the Student Work Experience Program list of jobs I could choose from, he was literally in awe when he saw ArtSeed there. He ended up convincing me to choose that worksite. My friend’s name is Juan David Restrepo. He attended ArtSeed’s Apprenticeship program at Burnett Child Development Center in 2009. That was also where he was involved in ArtSeed’s Fine Arts Summer Intensive. ArtSeed opportunities were free which was amazing for him as his family is low income. Although, drawing wasn’t his strongest suit, he really did enjoy it and was impressed by the variety of people he met. The fact that seven years later, when someone mentions it, he still remembers the founder’s name, Josefa Vaughan, is truly remarkable to me. Additionally, in 2015-2016 his brother Kristopher was recently in ArtSeed’s program at Tule Elk Park’s Early Education School. Kristopher’s artwork done there was also shown in ArtSeed’s Thoreau Center’s 2016 exhibition. I’m really glad I was able to join ArtSeed. I continue to learn more about it as my experience here is a chain of learning every day. Thank you and best of luck! – Carrie Li, SWEP Intern 7/5/16


I was placed as an intern at ArtSeed through a program called Spotlight on the Arts, because I expressed an interest in experiencing art through a different lens other than direct, hands-on creation. I was curious to participate in the arts behind the scenes, seeing what it was like to work and plan in a different setting than I was used to. At ArtSeed, I had my first experience with setting up a gallery and attending an opening reception. It was exciting to work with others to set up the artwork and make sure the opening was smooth. The atmosphere of working in that environment was a unique experience for me that I never would have experienced had I not been an ArtSeed intern. Through ArtSeed, I also received my first experience with office work, which is an important skill that I need to be prepared for the working world. Being able to develop work skills that also integrate art is something valuable and unique that I believe any youth passionate about art needs to experience. – Gabby Molina, CLA Intern 7/2/16


I am enjoying my time here so far! I have already helped out with their wonderful opening reception of ArtSeed’s Locomotion art exhibition. We are also getting ready for their closing reception. I heard about ArtSeed through my working program, Student Work Experience Program (SWEP). I was really interested as to what ArtSeed does and what message they are trying to send through art, so I signed up to intern with them. I am happy with my choice to be working with the ArtSeed staff! – Sally Phi, SWEP Intern, 7/1/16