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August 4 2016
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Breaking News!

ArtSeed has another new, conveniently located, professional artists studio where we held our 2016 Fine Arts Summer Intensive camp.

ArtSeed’s Summer Intensive and Exhibition was a groundbreaking collaboration between students, artists and new partners.

Sonja Collaborative

Come and join us at our newest professional fine arts studio #5-B 2nd floor at thePark Presidio United Methodist Church (PPUMC), located at 4301 Geary Boulevard (main entrance on 7th Ave).

Pastor Caiti Hamilton gives an insightful and contemporary service each Sunday at 11:00am, which I would encourage you to attend. This community is a friendly, multicultural congregation, committed to activism, the arts and music, and welcomes people from all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles.

Join ArtSeed’s Founder Josefa Vaughan and other artists at the studio from 1-3pm on Sundays. This is a great time to come and discuss being involved in ArtSeed’s Youth Council or apprenticeship program, talk about small classes and private instruction starting in October (or earlier!) with artists such as Xander Weaver Scull. Tuition is on a sliding scale and scholarships are available. Families in need are highly encouraged to apply. Artists are invited to come and plan workshops, and, of course, make art! Bring along your current projects and any questions and let’s keep the creative spirit going! You can also call Josefa at 415-656-9849 or talk to our new Outreach Manager, Amrita Daing, at 415-971-8006.

ArtSeed really values your feedback. It is the only way we can keep providing the things you love and continuously improve our programs.Share your thoughts here!

Check out photos from ArtSeed’s Fine Arts Summer Intensive and Exhibition on Flickr!
Photos by Trey Houston, Josefa Vaughan and others (please send us yours at!)
Xander and Tawan
Xander Weaver Scull instructing students at ArtSeed’s 2016 Fine Arts Summer Intensive
Congratulations to all our team members, some of whom are pictured here. Special cheers for scholarship students Tawan, Kimberly, Danica, Renzl, Paola, Louisse and Oliver for being awarded a refund of their application deposit to acknowledge their perfect attendance throughout the entire two week Summer Intensive and Thoreau Exhibition Closing Reception.

Testimonials from ArtSeed’s Summer Intensive
Dear ArtSeed,
We’re writing to tell you how much Oliver enjoyed his two weeks with you this summer. He bonded with the other students in the overwhelmingly positive environment you provided. There aren’t many places to go these days for creative young people, where art is presented as a meaningful pursuit and a crucial part of our everyday life. Oliver had never been exposed to anything like that and had been mostly exposed to art through the public school system where total instruction amounts to about 2 hours per year. He loves to draw at home and I think seeing people that share his interests impressed him greatly. Some of the best aspects of ArtSeed were the teacher to student ratio and the quality of work happening. I was absolutely blown away by some of the young artists and would not be surprised at all to come across their work in galleries in the future. The range of ages coming together was also marvelous, younger students have so much to learn from older students and the mentorship model is fantastic. Providing space and materials to young artists who might otherwise never have a chance is wonderful. Students have a chance to see what they can do given the means. All of the staff and artists were just lovely and enthusiastic, ArtSeed creates a
magical atmosphere and we hope to spend more time with you in the future. We can’t thank you enough. Our experience has been invaluable, special thanks to Josefa.
Many thanks!
Anna Fraser (Oliver’s mom)

As a student at ArtSeed I have learned a lot and I have learned that a mistake can turn into something beautiful. When I painted with watercolors I noticed that most of the time it doesn’t turn out as you want. All you need to do is just help the colors mix together. Even though these things may not seem as such an importance, to me they are because somehow it can relate to life itself. Like in life things won’t turn out as you want them but they can end up being something unexpected that you will learn to love. Work is hard but we can always be creative and find the beautiful part of it. — Kimberly H. July 2016

Exhibition Closing ReceptionExhibition Closing Reception 2
Curious about our Summer Intensive Participants July 2016? We had a nearly 1:1 student/teacher ratio! And big thanks to our in-kind donors who made possible ArtSeed’s Exploratorium Field Trip to see Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen. Thanks to Amrita Daing who contacted Cheri Cuenca, Lyslynn Lacoste and Sandra Shinazy to receive BMAGIC Expo Pass Reservations. We are also grateful to The Walt Disney Family Museum School and Outreach Manager Antonia Dapena-Tretter and Co-Director of Education Alice “Bunny” Carter, along with Justine Kesslerof Artist & Craftsman Supply, plus artists Angel Kubo and the late Royce Vaughan c/o Judy Vaughan who also donated art supplies and equipment.

Thank you to all the artists, families, their friends and patrons who came to admire (and even offer to purchase some of ) the works at our Exhibition! Catalog2016_ThoreauExhibit

The Gavrich Family
Tony and Caroline Grant
This year’s ArtSeed projects are supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. While we are very grateful for the generous donations from our major donors, listed above, ArtSeed is also supported in large part by the individual gifts and volunteer time from friends like you. Modest gifts continue to be our base of support and are essential to our success. Thank you! Click to see a full list of sponsors and in-kind donors (and please do call us if you see that any names are missing).
ArtSeed’s mission is to connect the most resourceful and gifted with the youngest and most vulnerable citizens of the Bay Area and beyond through projects that explore links between classical and cutting-edge fine arts disciplines. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, political party, economic background, national, or ethnic origin.
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