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Year-End Exhibition 2016

ArtSeed’s Year-end Exhibition, “Cottage Industry Project 2016: Locomotion, Collaboration, Let’s Beat Poverty and Racism In All Its Forms!” Thursday, June 23 – Saturday, July 23.

Opening Reception, Thursday, June 23, 5-7 p. m

Closing Reception, Saturday, July 23, 3-5 p. m.

China Brotsky Gallery, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, The Presidio of San Francisco. 

Presidio Shuttle (Free) & MUNI lines 28, 30, 43 and 45. Click for directions.


This show will be a lens through which we will discover how different individuals and cultures move from youth through old age, at home and at work. Over time and geography, this affects domestic and global economies as well as our sense of self, individually and as a group. Specific points of reference may include history, literature, dance, military strategies, social movements and the impact of climate change. Artists’ and students’ questions will relate to how people have used methods of locomotion over time to gain or give power, share resources or hoard them. Children will be encouraged to think of themselves as agents of change as they gather raw material and hone their projects.