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Benefactors 2007

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Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 or more): California Arts Council, Artists in Schools Program, Sherman Elementary School PTA, Young Artists at Work Program, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): Tony and Caroline Grant, Marissa Kunz and Peter Mann, The Rothwell Group, L.P., Josefa Vaughan and Charles Boone

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Bob Boone, Matt Boris, Marlis Branaka, Alan & Cynthia Coleman, Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt, Nancey Gagos, Louis and Claude Rosenberg Family Foundation, Jeff Wright

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Anonymous, Marilyn Bancel and Rik Myslewski, Carol U. Barnes, Christopher Bigelow & Livia Blankman, Jerry & Wendy Boriskin, Agnes Bourne and James Luebbers, Santos and Jennifer Castro, Moise Cohen and Deborah Himy-Cohen, Lynne Crawford, Patty Deuter, Michael and Leslie Edmonson-Dawe, Peter Foucault, Steven B. and Anna-Lisa Froman, Jane Galante, David and Tina Gavrich, Shand William Green, Olivia Harris, Karl and Sally Hufbauer, Roy & Frances Johns, William Klinglehoffer, Mary Agnes and Asok Kumar, Marissa Kunz, Jean-Louis & Jane Roos Le Roux, Winnie Lee and Irving Leung, Life Science Leaders, Todd Lorentz, Samuel and Gail Losh, Sergio and Rebecca Maggi, Elaine & Benjamin Mann, Paul Mari, Phillip and Anne Murphy, Joan Nelson, Network For Good-Joshua Jacobson, Jim and Jane Ivory Newman, Jack and Arlene O’Connor, Catie and Dennis O’Leary, Caroline Orrick, Kevin and Linda Quan, Pilar & Walter Rubin, Gerald & Marilyn Schuster, Darlene Saunders, Staci Selinger, Charles and Lindsey Shere, Seth and Barbara Spalding, Bob & Barbara Stenson & Stenson Financial, Jason and Nils Selvidge, Kermit Sveen, The Saratoga Parents, John & Marcy Vaughan, Adam L. Weiss & Jean M. D’Eliso, Idell & Otto Weiss Family Philathropic Fund, Gabriela Yukency

Amazing Acorns (under $99): Tim Armstrong, James Barnes & Lela Houpis, Lisa Bausell, Julie Blankenship, Arlene and Marshall Bush, Benjamin J. Debonis, Eileen Downey, Dorothea Dutton, James & Elizabeth Flack, Cheryl Gipson, Edgard Gonzales, Robert & Susan Hersey, Mary Hobson, Tristan Innocenzi, Christine Jegan, Pam Jones, Tanya Joyce, Ronald & Cheryl Karpowicz, Don Keeline,Lily Kharrazi, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo and Nancy Wang, David and Rebecca Kumar, John Lawler, Shannon MacKenzie, Winifred McLaughlin, Ava and Isaac Miedzinski, Miriam Miedzinski, Network for Good, Mari N. Paul, Peter Rengstorff, Michael and Sheila Rokeach, Rebecca Rothfusz & David Macy, Pilar & Walter Rubin, Gerhard Samuel, Marilynn & Gerald Schuster, Staci Selinger, Betsy Shafer, Jeff Shaw, Leo Steinberg, Ann-Marie Stoehr, Gabrielle Thormann, Charles M and Misha Vaughan, Ann Wettrich, Gladys Lam Wong

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For Michelle Wert & Roan Marie Vaughan: The Rothwell Group L.P. For Leo Steinberg: Josefa Vaughan & Charles Boone.

ArtSeed Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: Allerton Steele, Accounting; Artist and Craftsman Supply; Christine Jegan Photography; CopyMax; Frames on Third; Gary Graham; Laurel Norris, Great Stuff; Jim Laufenberg; Joan Nelson, Bookkeeping; Matthew Boriskin, Web Design; Ritz Camera; Sherri King, Accounting; Suzanne Dhyane Iris; Terri Horrigan; The Nature Conservancy; Tides Center Thoreau Gallery; Under-One-Roof;