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Activities 2013

Sums, Sustenance and the Five Senses

2013 Annual Report Outline

(Math and Matrix Reasoning, Culinary Arts, Underground Railroad)


  • Board of Directors: Matthew Boriskin, President and Secretary (2008 – Present); Kevin Quan, Treasurer (2006-Present); Edna Arterberry, Bayview Hunters Point Community Liaison (2009 -Present); Ben Berkeley, Legal Council Committee Chair (2013 – Present); Russell Brent, Development Officer (2012-2013); Malcolm McAfee, Social Impact Officer (2012-Present; Robert Rathmell, Attorney (2012-2013); Barbra Richardson, Apprenticeship Liason (2012-Present); Todd Standish, Marketing Committee Chair (2013 – Present) Josefa Vaughan, Founding Artist and Educator, Executive Director (2000-Present)
  • Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Executive and Artistic Director; Marissa Kunz, Lead teaching Artist & Jessica Robin, Assistant, Sherman Elementary School; Josefa Vaughan, Lead Teaching Artist, Leola Havard EES Pre-K; Trey Houston, Program Coordinator, Josefa Vaughan, Lead Artist Summer Intensive; Joan Nelson, and Allerton Steel Accountants.
  • Active Advisors: Charles Boone; Tony Grant; Adam Frey; Georg Gottschalk; Jeff Hastings; Gabriela Hofmeyer; Eli Horn; Fran Johns; Kenneth Lehto,Nkechi Nwankwo; John O’ Grady, Allerton Steel; Arwen & Heather Vaughan; Allison Wyckoff,
  • Mentoring Artists & Apprentices: Caroline Liddell, mentoring Jazmin Lopez; Joseph Aponte, mentoring Angel Chavez; Josefa Vaughan, mentoring Bryant Lui and Melanie Prado-Tapia
  • Presenting/Assisting Artists: Andrew Ameral, Joseph Aponte, Jim Campbell, Diane Japadjief, Forester, Steven Froman, Charles “Trey” Houston, Kathryn Kain, Marissa Kunz, Marie Kurihara, Caroline R. Liddell, Gustavo Rivera, Lori Roby, Todd Standish, Josefa Vaughan, Dorothy Yuki, Maximilien Volckaert, Ben Wood
  • Other Exhibiting Artists: Matt Boris, Molly Froman, Diane Roby, Kirsi Engels, Katie Lam, Eileen Downey, Lyra Hofman, John Scheib
  • Musicians & Performers: Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church Gospel Choir: Edna Arterberry, Zeondrea Roshawn, Nadine Gordon; Amy Crumpacker, Charles “Trey” Houston; William Klingelhoffer; Devon McClive; Patrick O’ Malley; Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert; Amelia Romano; Sydney “Raven” Van Bueren; Jeske Dioquino
  • Youth Council: Jeske D., Dina K., Sasha K., Jade K., Andrew P., Austin P., Sydney V. B., Anna Y., Megan T.
  • Summer Intensive Youth: Nathan H-B., Angel C., Matthew C., Jeske D., Molly F., Dina K., Sasha K., Jade K., Katie L., Christine L., Jazmin L., Bryant L., Miles M., Andrew P., Melanie P.-T., Kalinah T., Megan T., Sydney V. B., Roxana Z.
  • Interns/Volunteers: Tim Abeyta, Edna Arterberry, Charles Boone, Russell Brent, Marsha Felton, Katie Fox, Maiyah Hirano, Diane Japadjief, June Lee, Bryant L., Miriam Manda, Tessa McDonald, Ann Nguyen, William E. Scott, Arwen Vaughan, Heather Vaughan
  • Active Parents: Monica Chavez, Ymke Dioquino, June Lee, Evelyn and Henry Lopez, Virginia Lui, Yesenia Tapia, Bryan & Megumi Poli, Barbra Richardson, Ludmila Turok, Velvet Van Bueren, Ed Yarbrough



  • ArtSeed Fine Arts Summer Intensive at Pine United Methodist Church, Kathryn Kain and Josefa Vaughan lead artists, Week One for Highly Motivated Youth, July 8 – July 12; Week Two for Highly Motivated Children & Youth Mentors July 15 – July 19
  • Summer Fun@ Presidio, March 2
  • ArtSeed Portfolio Presentation, Leola Havard Early Education School Pre-K Graduation, May 16th, 2013
  • Board Meetings: February 8, May 12, June 6, September 6
  • Board Development Retreat, May 25
  • San Francisco Public Montessori Arts Showcase: May 22
  • Youth Council Meetings: January 12, February 3, March 3, March 24, April 20, June 1
  • Ruth’s Table Art Teacher’s Art, exhibition including works by Marissa Kunz, Feb.21  
  • Art Attack, exhibition including works by Joseph Aponte, Aug.17.
  • Presidio Partners Meeting, March 12
  • School of the Arts Crab Feed, Feb. 9, ArtSeed Summer Intensive Scholarship auction contribution



  • Sherman Elementary School, Arts Integration: weekly K-5 classes Monday-Friday, Marissa Kunz ArtSeed Resident Teaching Artist, approximately 450 students total. Assistants: Jessica Robin, Marina Wang, Diane Japadjief
  • San Francisco Public Montessori School, Arts Integration: 8 Weekly art lessons with Pre-K and Elementary age 125 plus students. Teaching artist Josefa Vaughan and assistant Miriam Manda
  • Leola Havard Early Education School, Arts Integration: Worked with every student at least once. Two weekly Pre-K classes with Teaching Artist Josefa Vaughan and Assistants Trey Houston and Diane Japadjief with guests: Miriam Manda. Two lessons with T-K (Transitional Kindergarten), After-School and Special Needs Classrooms Four weekly apprenticeship meetings/workshops with Josefa Vaughan, Caroline Liddell, Joseph Aponte and other guest artists: Kathryn Kain, Trey Houston and Diane Japadjief.
  • Apprenticeships with Mentoring Artists:Caroline Liddell (Jamzin Lopez), Joseph Aponte (Angel Chavez) Josefa Vaughan (Junior Apprentices Melanie Prado-Tapia and Angie Mikery, Youth Interns: Katie Lam and Bryant Lui), Apprenticeships culminated in ArtSeed’s end-of-year Thoreau Center exhibition, Sums, Sustenance and the Five Senses
  •  Asian Art Museum,Legacy Stamp Making: 10,000 students (grades 4-6), parents and teachers participated in 20 min. lessons. With volunteers Ramsey DeLano, Eryn Espiritu, Dennis Gregg, Li Sadler, Holly Wagner, Mark Rice, Vickie Sherman, Julia King, Liz Hui, Pat Nishimoto, Cheryl Resh, Stacia Craigholm, Lisa Chai, John Toyofuku, Rachel Kim, Catherine, Kalena Gregory, Elena Bordigni, Amanda Cohen, Alison Jackson, Warren Tom, Michelle Baird,
  • Razzo Office Workshop with Josefa Vaughan, Aug. 20, 2013, Employees heard a talk on the history of ArtSeed’s founding and then were lead in an exercise involving stamp-making and card-making.



  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Feb 7, 2013,
  • Palace of the Legion of Honor, July 10, 2013
  • The de Young Museum, July 30, 2013
  • Asian Art Museum, Youth Arts Festival, March 7, 2013
  • Contemporary Jewish Museum, March 14, 2013
  • The Presidio: Thoreau Center for Sustainability, March 27, and  July 24 (Aim High) 2013
  • Walt Disney Family Museum
  •  Hunters Point Shipyard: Spring Open Studios, (Malcolm X Academy) May 31, 2013 
  • Bayview Branch Library Opening, Feb. 23, 2013
  • Exploratorium, May 17, 2013
  • Jim Campbell Studio, SF Art Institute Graduate Studios and Graphic Arts Workshop, July 15, 2013
  • SF Sinfonietta Concert June 8, 2013



  • The San Francisco Arts Quarterly, general listings
  • Fifth Annual ArtSeed Earth Day Art-a-thon Publicity:

Musical America

Radio Alice

ArtSeed Youth Blogspot

Wright Now


San Francisco Classical Voice





Thoreau Center News

Also:, sfgate events,,



  • Michelle Vignes Cottage Bequest (the Michelle Vignes Studio Practice Cottage):
  •  2 Symposia regarding future of the Michelle Vignes Studio Practice Cottage and ArtSeed Studio Residency Program, August 10 and 17
  • First ArtSeed Artist in Studio Residence at Michelle Vignes’ Studio Practice Cottage: Charles “Trey” Houston, October 1
  •  Board Development Retreat May 25, 2013
  • Paul Griffin with law firm Winston and Strawn LLP providing services to ArtSeed as a pro-bono client
  • New ArtSeed Board Members: Ben Berkeley and Todd Standish
  • New ArtSeed Studio Affiliate Program Awardee: Joseph Aponte (with studio-mate Toby Lu)
  • 2 Planning meetings with the Contemporary Music Players, August 13 and September 20
  • Total Revenue for 2013 (Jan 2013 – July 2013): 79,416.47



  • Fifth Annual Earth Week Art-a-thon: $14,600
  • First Prize from Contemporary Jewish Museum Contest to Marissa Kunz and Sherman Elementary
  • Former ArtSeed Apprentice Jade Kikuchi accepted into Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
  • Walter & Elise Haas Foundation $10,000 (Josefa Vaughan and Russell Brent wrote this proposal)
  • Sam Mazza Foundation $10,000 (Russell Brent, Heather Houston, Josefa Vaughan and others wrote this proposal)
  • Lucius and Eva Eastman Foundation $5,000 (Heather Houston, Josefa Vaughan and others wrote this proposal)
  • Bayview Community Arts Grant, $10,000 (Heather Houston, Josefa Vaughan and others wrote this proposal)
  • National League for Women’s Service, (Unsolicited gift of $5,000)
  • Charles Houston, Jr. (Gift of $5,000 in stock)



  • Another Café, Artist & Craftsman Supply, Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco, Oscar Arteta, Asian Art Museum, BearHug Blankets Unlimited, Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert Trio, A Child’s Delight, Jeske D., Douglas and Sturges, Foothill College Bookstore, Hand Touch Nail Care, Harrison House Music & Arts, Gabriela Hofmeyer, Mike Puente and House of Bagels, Charles “Trey” Houston, Inn at the Presidio, Judy’s Café on Chestnut, Kathryn Kain, Ka’u Designs, Fran and Bud Johns, Liz Keim, William Klingelhoffer, Patrick Maley, Devon McClive, Lix Perle, Michael Merrill Interior Design, Ann Nguyen, Ninkasi Brewing Company, Peets Coffee, Photograph and Frame, Pine United Methodist Church, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Barbra Richardson, Jeannie Kim at SAM’s Diner, San Francisco Public Montessori School, San Francisco Women’s Club (Amy Sova Jessen, Community Outreach Co-Director), Senspa, Sherman Elementary School, Shipyard Trust for the Arts and The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard, Sports Basement, Starbucks, Terra Mia Ceramic Painting Studio, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, Tides, Trader Joe’s, Mila Turok, Sydney Van Bueren, Utrect Art Supplies, Arwen and Heather Vaughan, Village Market, Walnut Cleaners, Wee Scotty Sewing Classes for Kids, Winery SF, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts,
  • Leola Havard Early Education School: this is the tenth year of programming, and the eighth programming year ArtSeed Apprenticeship Program has a dedicated art studio. Pre-K classroom teachers: Berta Chavez and Bernard Morton. Teaching Artists: Josefa Vaughan and Assistant Teaching Artists Trey Houston and Diane Japadjief
  • Sherman Elementary School: this is the eighth programming year ArtSeed has a dedicated art studio for teaching artist Marissa Kunz. K-5 classes taught Monday-Friday (about 450 students total)
  • San Francisco Public Montessori: ArtSeed’s pilot programming year. Teaching artist Josefa Vaughan and assistant teaching artist Miriam Manda.
  • The Presidio Trust, Presidio Field and Forest Wreath and Garland. Free workshop for all ages. Saturday, December 14, Pershing Square, Presidio Main Post



  • Overall winners - Gold: Marissa Kunz, Silver: Josefa Vaughan, Bronze: Luned Palmer
  • Youth winners - Gold: Sydney Van Bueren, Silver: Miles Meadows, Bronze: Baby Annika
  • For most sponsors - Gold: Josefa Vaughan with 57 sponsors, Silver: Marissa Kunz with 49 sponors, Bronze: Miles Meadows with 22 sponsors
  • Our top donor/sponsor prize this year goes to ArtSeed’s Board of Director’s President and artist extraordinaire Matt Boris!
  • Grand Total Raised: $14,600